With over twenty years of experience, Huda Lighting has positioned itself as a leading lighting solution provider for the Middle East and North African markets, providing a high degree of lighting expertise to support the region’s projects with the most suitable products and services for any type of project in the hospitality, retail, commercial, residential or industrial market segment.

To support the region’s growing markets, Huda Lighting expanded its support covering more countries with an experienced team of over 270 employees across its eleven branches and two showrooms.

Over the years, Huda Lighting has evolved its range of products and services, in many cases offering turnkey solutions for lighting, automation systems, wiring devices and other relevant products. Its consistently growing list of project references and corporate clients can only demonstrate the level of professionalism Huda Lighting has reached.

Huda Lighting continues to strive towards its vision “To Be The Lighting Supplier of Choice In The Region” by spreading its presence to more major cities, while continuing to upgrade and diversify its products and services.

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Lutron QP3-1PL-100-240 Pre-assembled Quantum Processor Panel

Quantum Light Management Hub (QP3) for Quantum Select Lutron QP3-1PL-100-240 Pre-assembled Quantum processor panel containing one Quantum processor with two configurable links.
12,710.00 (AED)

BACnet® Software License for Quantum

This license for BACnet software enables a third-party building management system to control, monitor, and manage lights and shades in 50 areas on a Quantum processor
2,420.00 (AED)

Lutron QSW-QVS-L Quantum Vue lights only license.

These licenses and the features and capabilities discussed in this specification submittal pertain to Quantum System Version 3.0 and above. • A Quantum license must be purchased for each Quantum processor in the system. • Quantum licenses do not include start-up labor costs.
7,470.00 (AED)

Lutron QSW-RPT-PP-A Quantum Software - Reporting

Quantum Reporting Software The reporting software license adds the following features to your Quantum system. • Logging of calculated energy usage for lighting loads • Custom reporting on energy usage from the Quantum Vue software • Ability to configure and activate load shed / demand response from the Quantum Vue software • Tracking of light fixture hours of operation • System activity reports
1,605.00 (AED)

Lutron QSW-RPT-FOFP Fixtures on Floorplan Software

Quantum Fixtures on the Floor Plan Software This software license adds the following features to the custom graphical floor plan available in your Quantum systems web-based software interface — Quantum Vue: 1. Monitor the status of individual fixtures4 or switch-legs* 2. Control and adjust individual fixtures4 or switch-legs* 3. Identify alerts raised by individual fixtures (for EcoSystem/DALI only)
805.00 (AED)

Lutron QS-WLB QS Wire Landing Board

The wire landing board is a wiring aid consisting of a printed circuit board with one set of five terminal blocks. Each terminal block can accept up to two 18 AWG (1.0 mm2) wires and is connected pin-to-pin, to simplify wiring.
295.00 (AED)