SMATV & IPTV Systems

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PRA-ANS Ambient noise sensor

The PRA-ANS is an ambient noise sensor to monitor changing ambient noise levels for automatic adjustment of announcement or background music levels (AVC - Automatic Volume Control). This ensures the public address audio is set at a configurable level above the ambient noise in order to guarantee intelligibility of announcements, yet at a comfortable loudness.
1,148.53 (AED)

EagleEye Digital Extender

7,315.00 (AED)


Seamlessly connects to cameras, microphones, and other 3rd party components Built-in video apps for native full-featured experiences Includes Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies
18,848.00 (AED)

Fan expansion kit for VX IT, TS IT

Fan expansion kit for VX IT, TS IT Number:SK 7990.000
245.00 (AED)

Amino H150 IPTV

The new Amino H150 IPTV device combines all the quality you have come to expect from Amino with a raft of exciting and innovative new features that deliver enhanced user experiences. With a dual core Broadcom SoC delivering more than 2000 DMIPS – and up to 1GB of memory – the H150 offers: More TV apps, OTT content and services; More engaging experiences; More content delivered from anywhere; Power over Ethernet.
200.00 (AED)

AXIS 30 W Midspan-AXIS02172-004

For indoor use, 240 V AC IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at 10/100/1000 Mbps 100 to 240 V AC Plug-and-play
279.00 (AED)