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Intelligent Dual Reader Controller

The LNL-X2220 Intelligent Dual Reader Controller (IDRC) provides a single board solution for interfacing one or two doors to an OnGuard® system. In addition, other I/O and reader interface modules can be added on the controller’s downstream port to expand its capabilities. The LNL-X2220 controller revolutionizes access control system architecture by allowing Ethernet connection directly from an entry location to the OnGuard server, while still providing the security, functionality, and modularity of Lenel’s proven hardware platform. The LNL-X2220 controller is scalable for any access control application, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. In the event of communication loss, the LNL-X2220 controller allows nearly all local functionality to continue unimpaired until the server connection is restored.
1,220.00 (AED)

Dual Reader Interface Module (Series 3) LNL-1320-S3

LenelS2TM offers a Dual Reader Interface (DRI) module for access control solutions. Most access control card readers, keypads, or readers with keypads that use standard Wiegand Data1/Data0 or Clock/Data communication are supported, as are those that support the bidirectional RS-485 Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP™). Lock, unlock, and facility code offline access modes are supported on all readers connected to the DRI. Each DRI supports up to 16 different card formats as well as issue codes for both magnetic and Wiegand card formats.
453.00 (AED)

Input Control Module (Series 3) -12/24 Vdc

Input Control Module (Series 3) -12/24 Vdc, LNL-1100-S3
625.00 (AED)

Output Control Module (Series 3) - 12/24 Vdc

Output Control Module (Series 3) - 12/24 Vdc, LNL-1200-S3
625.00 (AED)

Power Supply With Enclosure

13.8 VDC 4 A Switched Mode Power Supply (=LNL-300XA-PSUFOM4), with LNL-300XA-ENC enclosure, includes cable guide support, front and pryoff tamper (key and screw locked) - CE
125.00 (AED)

HID Signo Keypad Reader

HID Signo Keypad Reader , 20KNKS-T2- 000000
290.00 (AED)