Access Control System – ACS

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PRA-CSLD Desktop LCD call station

PRA-CSLD Desktop LCD call station IP‑network connection • Direct connection to the IP‑network. One shielded CAT5e cable is sufficient for Power over Ethernet, audio and control. • For dual redundancy of network and power connection, a second shielded CAT5e cable can be connected. • Integrated network switch with two OMNEO ports allows for loop-through connections to adjacent devices (at least one must provide PoE). Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) is supported to enable recovery from failing network links.
2,425.12 (AED)

Ceiling loudspeaker, 6W, metal, 4"

Excellent speech and music reproduction Easy installation with one grille size and one complete set of accessories Choice of different ceiling mounting methods Optional Pilot Tone indication EN 54‑24, UL2043, UL1480 certified
96.12 (AED)

TX CableNet, vented, 42U WHD 800x2000x1000, with side panels

Network rack TX CableNet with vented door number: TX 7888.100 42U WHD 800x2000x1000
6,553.00 (AED)

LenelS2 LNL-X2220 Intelligent Dual Reader Controller (IDRC)

LenelS2 LNL-X2220 Intelligent Dual Reader Controller (IDRC) Part of Lenel’s X Series family of controllers for OnGuard Platform that incorporates cybersecurity technology, LNL-X2220 Intelligent Dual Reader Controller (IDRC) is single board solution for interfacing one or two doors. 6 MB on-board flash memory available for cardholder database Biometric template storage support for OSDP and legacy Biometric readers Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm Door contact supervision and REX push-button monitor for each door
4,565.00 (AED)

LNL-300XA :: Power Supply With Enclosure 13.8 VDC 4 A PSU With 4 X 1 A PTC

Lenel’s (LenelS2) Power Supply Units (PSU) for access control system is specifically designed for Lenel Controllers and Modules. The LNL-300XA offers multi-fused output to protect individual circuits and a 12 VDC charging for back-up. LNL-300XA is provided with a unique hinged cabling Provides power to multiple LenelS2 controllers/modules Come with a 3 Year warranty Features cost-effective switch mode technology
125.00 (AED)

281813-0030-003 L2 3D Analyst Workstation

Incent.view 2D/3D capable workstation allows for high-quality on-screen image resolution combined with ergonomic and intuitive operation. Incent.view’s image-evaluation features include infinite zoom, single-alarm processing, colour intensity and grey-level absorption, and the full set of HI-TraX-based X-ray units. Marking and annotation of suspicious areas, workflow integration as Analyst (remote screening) and Recheck, and configuration as either a 2D or 3D workstation are available.
95,000.00 (AED)