Lutron QP3-1PL-100-240 Pre-assembled Quantum Processor Panel

Quantum Light Management Hub (QP3) for Quantum Select Lutron QP3-1PL-100-240 Pre-assembled Quantum processor panel containing one Quantum processor with two configurable links.
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The Quantum  Light Management Hub (QP3) connects Lutron QS devices, Lutron power panels and DMX-512 devices to your Quantum lighting control system.


• Designed to control, manage, and monitor Lutron Energi Savr Node units, Lutron power panels, GRAFIK Eye QS units, Sivoia QS shade / drapery systems and DMX-512 devices.

• The small size of 9.25 in x 3.16 in x 13.25 in (235 mm x 80.3 mm x 337 mm) allows almost any space to be enhanced with Quantum light management.

• Supports both astronomic and time-of-day events to automatically control the lights and shades / draperies in the system.

• Simple reconfiguration of a space without rewiring.

• Individually control, monitor, and adjust any light or shade / drapery in a space.

• Can be connected to other Quantum Light Management Hubs.

• Enables a Quantum system to cost-effectively scale from a single floor, to multiple floors, to whole building and to whole campus.

Datasheet:LUTRON QP3