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Fiber Optic Communications Interface 3-FIBMB2, SMXLO2, SMXHI2, MMXVR

Standard Features • Class B or Class A or Class X network data connections • Class B or Class A or Class X audio data connections • Node to node distances: Multi-mode: Up to 8,000 ft. (2.4 km) using multi-mode fiber Single-mode high power: Up to 24.85 mi (40 km) using single mode fiber driver - model SMXHI2 Single-mode low power: Up to 8.7mi (14km) using single mode fiber driver- model SMXLO2 • Built-in test signal • Secondary power input • Transition from copper to fiber on same network • Transition from single to multi-mode fiber on same network
150.00 (AED)

Control Display Modules 3-LDSM, 3-24x series, 3-12xx series, 3-6/3S1xxx series

Standard Features • Programmable LED flash rates • Membrane style tactile pushbuttons • Software supported for toggle, and latching interlock switch action • Slide in labels • Lamp test
319.00 (AED)

Signature Driver Controller Modules 3-SSDC2, 3-SDDC2, 3-SDC1

Standard Features • One or two circuit versions • Dedicated microprocessor control • Full digital communication • Specialized communication protocol – Less sensitive to cable characteristics – Utilize existing wiring in most applications • Device location supervision – Unexpected additional device addresses – Missing device addresses – Switched device locations – Programmed device parameters • Automatic nonvolatile as-built mapping – Stores “actual” and “expected” device data – Stores physical connection sequence including “T” taps • Automatic day/night sensitivity • Supports up to 250 intelligent Signature detectors and 250 Intelligent Signature Modules • Up to five 3-SDDC2s or ten 3-SSDC2s per node – Maximum of 10 signature circuits per cabinet • Removable field wiring terminal blocks • Multiple survival modes — stand alone • Fully backward compatible with 3-SSDC, 3-SDDC, 3-SSDC1, and 3-SDDC1 • Supports the full line of Signature devices, including carbon monoxide detect
1,875.00 (AED)


The Signature Optica Series SIGA-OSD smoke detector brings advanced optical (photoelectric) technology to a practical design that increases efficiency, saves installation time, cuts costs, and extends life safety and property protection capabilities. Continuous self-diagnostics ensure reliability over the long-haul, while environmental compensation helps reduce maintenance costs.
82.00 (AED)


The SIGA-SB is the standard base for Signature Series detectors. It connects the detector to the signaling line circuit (SLC), and provides wiring terminals for connection to a SIGA-LED.
14.00 (AED)

Remote Booster Power Supplies BPS6A, BPS10A

The Booster Power Supply (BPS) is a UL 864, 10th Edition listed power supply. It is a 24 Vdc filtered-regulated, and supervised unit that can easily be configured to provide additional notification appliance circuits (NACs) or auxiliary power for Mass Notification/ Emergency Communication (MNEC), as well as life safety applications.
0.00 (AED)