Control Display Modules 3-LDSM, 3-24x series, 3-12xx series, 3-6/3S1xxx series

Standard Features • Programmable LED flash rates • Membrane style tactile pushbuttons • Software supported for toggle, and latching interlock switch action • Slide in labels • Lamp test
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The EST3 Control Display modules provide the emergency user with the simplest of interfaces, lights and switch control. The Control Display modules install over local rail modules. The local rail modules supply the power and drivers via a ribbon cable connection to the control display modules. The displays mount over any local rail module maximizing the flexibility of design layout. When a display module is required where no local rail module exists, an LED Display Support Module 3-LDSM mounts to the local rail providing support for one Control Display Module. Surface mount technology used to minimize space, also reduces the power requirements of display modules. Slide-in labels keep the control display modules flexible and allow labeling for local languages. Module lamp test can be programmed to any spare control switch or a local node lamp test is initiated by simultaneously operating the Alarm Silence and Trouble Silence switches on the 3-CPU.