Arabian Vermiculite Industries (AVI) prides itself on building a strong reputation over the years by manufacturing quality products and providing an outstanding service to our clients worldwide. AVI has a range of products that protect over 2,000 projects in over 30 countries. Such an achievement has only been made possible by our dedicated management team, staff and the strong partnership we have built with our customers.

With our 32th anniversary approaching, AVI is honored with its success and international recognition as one of the pioneering companies to have introduced Passive Fireproofing and enhanced fire safety in the Middle East. We continue to invest in Research and Development in order to assure we provide the latest technology in our field.

AVI continues to strive in expanding our already vast client base, as well as working closely with leading consultants, engineers and applicators to ensure its growth in the world market for quality Fireproofing materials. We hope that Arabian Vermiculite Industries will be your next partner in the near future. We guarantee to work to the best of our abilities to support your business. We look forward to welcoming you to our world.

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Fire Stop Sealant 310ml White Avimastic
23.00 (AED)