ATAI recognized as the most specified brand for premium quality products in HVAC industry, complying with all international standards including but not limited to SMACNA, UL, AHRAE, BS, AMCA, AHRI, DW144, and ISO. ATAI products are used in commercial applications such as healthcare buildings, education construction, high-rise buildings, retail, hospitality, and ATAI Products can be found in industrial applications. Diversification through innovation and development is a core philosophy and fundamental goal of ATAI with investment in R&D, a talented workforce, and the latest automated machinery.

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Return Air Ceiling Diffuser

68.00 (AED)

Return Air Wall Grill

من 36.00 (AED)

Disk Valve

من 42.00 (AED)

Return Air Linear Slot Diffuser

من 55.00 (AED)

Egg Crate Grill

من 158.00 (AED)

Supply Air Linear Slot Diffuser

من 74.00 (AED)