Solico Group was established in 1966 and commenced its business to service the booming construction industry of the UAE by providing the market with Composite products. This formed the foundation for the company’s growth and expansion around the world and the introduction of Solico Tanks.

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GRP Panel Water Tank 95 m3

Price including export from UAE to Jeddah 7 x 3 x 4.5 m.H. GRP Panels are UV resistant and made of Isophthalic based resin Access Manhole with Cover & S/S (A4/316) Hinges & Lock Synthetic Rubber Sealant for Panel Joints of Food Grade type 4 x PVC * Connection Flanges (sizes as per site up to 6'' Dia) PVC Air vents 4" Dia with insect proof mesh External reinforcements, brackets and angles are HDG steel All tanks are Externally Reinforced with no metals in touch with water Bolts & Nuts of S/S(A4) Internally & Externally GI External Ladder GRP Internal Ladder Tube Type Level Gauge GI Steel Footing Skid type
137,705.00 (AED)