In 1898 Charles E. Potter began developing products that sent electronically coded signals to a central monitoring station. This allowed fire and police officials to be instantly dispatched to any fire or security emergency.

By 1920, Potter Electric Signal Company was utilizing customized products and monitoring them with the latest telecommunications equipment. In a time when human initiative was the most valuable industrial commodity, Charles Potter was able to combine state-of-the-art equipment with dedicated men to provide St. Louis with the best night watchmen service in the metropolitan area.

As the century continued, Potter's central station business became the basis for the development of sprinkler supervisory devices, switches for intrusion protection, vault and safe protection systems, and fire control panels.

Today, Potter is carrying on the legacy of Charles E. Potter by combining the latest technology in fire protection with the dedicated manpower for which they have been known for over one hundred years. With unwavering dedication to their customers, Potter looks to continue as the industry standard in both product and service.

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Water Flow Detector 10" Model VSR10 POTTER

• 0-90 second field replaceable time delay retard • Easy to read retard time delay adjustment knob • Weatherproof and UV resistant • Easy to read wire terminal designations • Two SPDT (form C) contacts
1,768.00 (AED)