GRINNELL, a premium brand of Johnson Controls International , delivers quality piping solutions for a full range of applications. Available products offer contractors, engineers, and distributors faster, more cost effective tools for joining pipe over traditional welding methods. Innovative GRINNELL products include couplings, fittings, mechanical tees, valves, and accessories. Comprehensive, competitively priced engineering and planning support services provide labor and cost savings

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Rigid Coupling FIG 772 Painted Gasket EPDM

من 33.37 (AED)

End Cap Fig 260 Painted

Ductile Iron Casting, Grade 65-45-12
من 23.56 (AED)

Elbow 90 Degree FIG 210 Painted

Ductile Iron Casting Grade 65-45-12
من 42.62 (AED)

Equal TEE FIG 219 Painted

Ductile Iron Casting Grade 65-45-12
من 102.43 (AED)

Reducing TEE FIG 221 Painted

Ductile iron Castings Grade 65-45-12
206.99 (AED)

Fabricated Reducing TEE FIG 321

Carbon Steel Grade B
1,136.87 (AED)