Jussi Piispanen, founder of GoSleep, was motorcycling around Europe. The trip that had been a success so far came to a screeching halt when his bike’s engine broke down. His only option was to catch a flight back home. There were no flights until the next morning and all airport hotels were – of course – fully booked.

Jussi was in for a long night at the airport: no hotel room, nowhere to lie down. In low spirits, because of his bike, and barely able to keep his eyes open after a long day, he simply had to get some sleep. At the airport, the benches were too short (on purpose) for him to stretch out his legs. Jussi dismantled the arm rests in the middle of the benches to be able to fully lie down. At night, he received a rude awakening when a cleaning staff member spotted the sleeping man and the dismantled arm rests. When the staff member threatened to call security, Jussi quickly re-assembled the arm rests.

Afterwards, Jussi wondered how it can be possible that there seems to be no solution for such a simple problem? The world is full of common areas where people are trying to sleep and rest in a sitting position.

رتب بـ
العرض في الصفحة


GoSleep’s “Recovery Pod” is designed for resting, sleeping and recovering in 24/7 workplaces, offices and airports. The pod offers a fully private resting space protected from view while located in a common area.
23,999.50 (AED)