Ebara Corporation is a publicly traded manufacturing company based in Tokyo, Japan which makes environmental and industrial machinery such as pumps and turbines. It is the owner of the Elliott Company in the United States and Sumoto S.r.l. in Italy

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Submersible Sewage pump

Duplex Submersible Sewage Pump Set: Made by Ebara FLOW =50LPS = 180M3/HR = 792.5GPMHEAD = 15M = 49.2FT = 21.3PSIOne duty and one stand by Model: 100DLB67.5 3x380V, 60Hz7.5 KW Motor CI Housing , CI Impeller – Non Clog along with the following:- Auto Coupling- Guide Rail GI- Lifting Chain- Float Switches- Control Panel for Automatic & Alternate Operation along with High Level Alarm
52,550.00 (AED)