BELTCON is a Germany based manufacturer of conveying systems. Modern and high-quality in-house manufacturing facility is located in Schneverdingen, Lower Saxony.
Our comprehensive product range include Baggage Carousels, Weighing & Dispatcher Conveyors, Straight Belt Conveyors and Control Panels. BELTCON also provide services for engineering, designing, fabrication
and installation.
At BELTCON, we have implemented future-oriented CAD/CAM based manufacturing strategy. So, our
products are designed and simulated in CAD software, based on customer requirements and directly headed towards a CAM based production process. This results in increasing efficiency of the manufacturing system and reducing lead time.
We design and manufacture our products in accordance with international quality standards and aim to contribute to a successful future of intra logistics industry globally.

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Baggage Belt Conveyor

Reliable quiet operation and Easy maintenance. A Baggage belt conveyor is a type of material handling equipment used in various industries to transport goods, products, materials or baggage from one point to another. These conveyors are essential for automating logistics processes and increasing efficiency. It is Designed and developed for quiet operation, Easy access for maintenance, Configurable to suit building layout and system design requirements, seamless and ergonomic design
11,638.89 (AED)