Tamper Switch Model: SD-SVS IP SERIES

The supervisory switch is used to monitor the open position of an Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y) type gate valve. User-friendly mounting bracket fits newer valve yokes Fine adjustment feature for fast, easy installation. Three position switch detects tampering and valve closure . Visual switch indicators. Adjustable length trip rod. Three position switch detects tampering and valve closure . Knurled mounting bracket prevents slipping. One or two SPDT contact models Adjustable length actuator eliminates the need for cutting the shaft. Three position switch monitors vandal and valve close signals
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The SD-SVS OSY Series is used to monitor the open position of an OS&Y (outside screw and yoke) type gate valve. This device is available in three models; the SD-SVS OSY-1, containing one set of SPDT contacts, the SD-SVS OSY-2, containing two sets of SPDT contacts and the SD-SVS OSY-3, containing two sets of SPDT and cover tamper. These switches mount conveniently to most OS&Y valves ranging in size from 2” to 12” (50mm to 300mm). They will mount on some valves as small as ½” (12.5mm). Supervisory Switch shall be installed on each valve as designated on the drawings and/or as specified herein. Switches shall be mounted so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the valve and shall be adjusted to operate within two revolutions of the valve control or when the stem has moved no more than one-fifth of the distance from its normal position. The mechanism shall be contained in a die cast metal housing that provides a side entrance for ½” conduit and incorporates the necessary facilities for attachment to the valve. A grounding provision is provided. The switch assembly shall include two switches each with a rated capacity of 10 Amp @ 125/250VAC and 2.5 Amp @ 24 VDC. The supervisory switch shall be Underwriters La boratories listed for indoor or outdoor use.

ENCLOSURECover : Die Cast
Base : Die Cast
Finish : Red Powder Coated
All parts have corrosion resistant finishes.
COVER TAMPERTamper Resistant Screws
Cover Tamper Switch Available
3 Amps / 5 Amps at 125/250VAC
SD-SVS OSY-2 : Two Sets of SPDT
SD-SVS OSY-3 : Two Sets of SPDT and Cover Tamper
10.0 Amps at 125/250 VAC
2.5 Amps at 30VDC Resistive
CONDUIT ENTRANCEOne Knockouts and one hole for ½” conduit provided
TEMPERATURE RANGE– 32°F to 120°F ( 0°C to 49°C)
SERVICE USE• Automatic Sprinkler: NFPA 13
• One or Two Family Dwelling: NFPA 13D Residential
• Occupancies up to 4 Stories: NFPA 13R National Fire Alarm
• Code: NFPA 72