SYSTEM 20 BACnet MS/TP + ONICON F-1200-00 Dual Turbine Insertion Flow Meter- ONICON

SYSTEM 20 BACnet MS/TP System 20 BTU meter -BACnet BACnet MS/TP with NEMA 12 K enclosure, 24V AC/DC power supply, RS485, single isolated analog output, three (3) aux. pulse inputs and matched pair of current (mA) based temperature sensors, 32°F to 200°F ONICON F-1200-00 Dual Turbine Insertion Flow Meter NIST traceable wet calibration with certificate Calibrated frequency output: 0-15 VDC for use with ONICON BTU meter or display module INSTL1- Standard Installation Hardware for welded steel pipe For installation during new construction or during scheduled system shutdown; includes 1" isolation valve, close nipple and weld-on fitting.
الشركة: ONICON
16,970.00 (AED)
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