YGFC, YDFC Fan Coil Units

.- Horizontal Ceiling Concealed Units. - Copper tube with aluminum finned cooling coils. - PSC motors suitable for 230/1/60 power supply. - Cleanable filters.
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Johnson Controls YORK® YDFC fan coil units are ceiling mounted, high air flow, high static pressure air conditioning terminals. They are designed, developed and tested considering the tough weather conditions of the Gulf and their reliability makes them an ideal solution of year round air conditioning, heating and ventilating requirements

YDFC units are designed and manufactured to the high standards that are expected of a product from Johnson Controls, having an up to date style and advanced structure. They are highly efficient, quiet, cost effective, safe, reliable and offer ease and economy in installation. YDFC high air flow fan coils are available in 7 models, for customers to choose from for standard or district cooling applications, with multiple row types for each model (the 2 pipe system has 3, 4 and 5 rows and 4 pipe system has 3+1 and 4+1 rows). The air flow ranges from 680 m3/h to 3500 m3/h while the cooling capacity ranges from 6.89 kW to 21.21 kW and the external static pressure ranges from 0 Pa to 100 Pa up to size 12 and 0 Pa to 160 Pa for bigger sizes.


YGFC Series Fan Coil units from Johnson Controls are designed specially to meet the varied requirements of zone cooling or heating using Chilled Water or Hot Water. Fan Coils can be applied to two or four pipe systems to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of air conditioning or heating application. The YGFC is available in both concealed and exposed versions for ceiling and floor mounted installation. They offer effective zone control and are especially suitable for use in apartments, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings and hospitals etc. YGFC fan coil units are available in ten sizes with airflow capacity ranging from 110 to 2700 m3/h. The ceiling concealed unit is suitable for external static pressures of up to 60 Pa. The cooling or heating performance of a fan coil can vary greatly with changes in air inlet temperature and humidity. It also varies with the amount of water being circulated in the coil. The water flow rate through each unit is determined by the specification of the system that governs the difference between the inlet and outlet water temperature. 

District Cooling systems traditionally require a 9°C difference between the inlet and outlet temperatures at maximum load conditions, to conserve the pumping power and increase overall system efficiency. The YGFC has a version that meets this requirement. To facilitate selection of the correct size of a fan coil for various inlet air dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures, as well as various inlet water temperatures and temperature rise or flow rates, a dedicated computer selection software is available. The manufacturing facility has a test lab that allows verification of the thermal capacities given by the software under the specified conditions.