System Power Supplies 4-PPS/M series

System power supplies consist of two assemblies, a high efficiency switch mode power supply card and a power supply monitor module. The monitor module mounts to the local rail and distributes the power from its supply to the local rail. The local rail distributes power from all power supplies to other local rail modules and user interface cards resulting in “Shared Power” throughout the system. The 4-PPS/M can be configured as a primary power supply (PPS), booster power supply (BPS), or booster charger (BBC)
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High efficiency switch mode • Increased power distribution efficiency - power supplies  parallel allowing up to 28 amps in a single node • Universal 120 to 240 VAC Operation • 7 AMP filtered and regulated • Two 3.5 AMP outputs • Temperature compensated, dual rated battery charger • Electronic power limiting • Automatic load testing of batteries • Fully approved to UL/ULC standards