Supply Air Linear Slot Diffuser (LS3-AD)

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The Linear Slot Diffuser with deflection blades and control damper (Hit and Miss type) is fabricated from a high-quality extruded aluminum. The fully adjustable deflection blades allow for the air pattern to be control along the ceiling straight down or at some intermediate settings. The deflection blades are designed so that when in close position the air pressure tends to forms a tight seal. The standard slot widths are ¾” and 1". The volume control damper consists of two strips one fixed and another movable, which also act as an equalizing grid. The airflow rate can be varied without changing the air pattern by the use of volume control damper attached to the rear side of the diffuser. The airflow rate can be reducing by offsetting the holes in hit and miss damper. Linear slot diffusers are also available in curved shapes but without damper. Suitable in ceiling for horizontal and vertical discharge for heating and cooling applications. Standard color is white for frame and deflection blades. Hit and Miss damper in black color