Smoking Cabin - Smoke ’n Go Espace 4-6 persons capacity with glass sliding doors including handles and self-closing system, Euromate, Netherlands

Smoking Cabin Indoor, Portable Type suitable for 4-6 persons - Smoking cabin with filter cabinet, table top and 1 odourless ashtray (small)
120,000.00 (AED)
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The smoking cabin Espace is ideal if you want the smokers and nonsmokers to stay in visible contact with each other. The combination of intensive air cleaning and the odourless storage of ash and cigarette ends ensures that the surrounding area remains free from annoying smoke and smells. The smoking cabins are flexible in size and equipped to fit any interior. For situations in which smoking is only allowed in enclosed areas, the smoking cabin can be mounted with sliding doors, optionally with a self-closing mechanism. When dealing with a frequently visited public area the Espace PA (Public Area) is suitable with its double ashtray (large) with matching ash container its, adjusted start/stop system, and its gas oxidation filter.


What can you expect from the Smoke 'n Go Smoking Cabins:
• Four portable smoking booths with capacities up to 28 smokers
• Leaves no traces of tobacco smoke and unpleasant odors
• People outside the smoking cabin cannot smell the tobacco smoke
• filters for high efficiency and low operating costs
• Tested and certified by BGIA, TUV, ECN
• Smoke and odor-free ashtray with shut-off valve
• Durable materials (aluminum, safety glass, fireproof table top)
• Attractive, transparent design
• Low noise
• Modular construction

General Specifications

- 6mm safety glass
- Sliding doors
- Self-closing mechanism
- A doorstep
- Leg support
- Door support (LEAN)
- Stainless steel waste container
- Automatic start / stop by Sensor, timer switches and
filter module and lighting automatically after 5 minutes
(when smoking cabin is empty)