Sand Trap Louver (WST5-X)

5,880.00 (AED)
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The Sand Trap Louver is an air terminal device commonly used for separation of sand from intake air from atmosphere in sandy areas or in any other required place. The frame and blades of sand trap louver are fabricated from high quality extruded aluminum readily provided with self- emptying sand drain holes in the base of unit. Sand trays with handle for collection of sand particles can also be provided and this sand tray can be subjected for periodical cleaning to make the tray empty. Louvers in more height from ground level can be provided with sand chute to make the sand particles continuous fall. An optional GI screen known as bird screen can be provided in interior face of the louver to protect birds from going inlet. An optional wire mesh can also be added as insect screen to prohibit insects from entering inside the inlets. Optional aluminum filter 1” thick with handle (fully removable and washable) with VCD assembly can be provided. Bigger sizes of sand trap Louvers are inserted in between horizontally with additional frame channel also known as joint connector if required or over request. Standard color is white for frame and blades of the louver.