Return Air Register RAG Series

The RAG and EAG Series return and exhaust air grilles and registers are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial buildings application. This type of inlets can be installed in high sidewalls and ceiling. If exposed air duct is required it can be fixed directly to duct collars either for horizontal or vertical ariflow. It is suitable for cooling, heating and ventilation applications. It can handle a wide range of airflows at high temperature differentials and maintain a high quality of air circulation in occupied spaces.
Manufacturer: SAFID CO. LTD
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Materials: The frame and blades are made of extruded aluminun alloy profiles. The extruded aluminun blades fixed at an angle of 40° are mounted both ends in the frame with a PVC bushing to avoid ratting the blades.

Damper: The frame and blades are made of extruded aluminum alloy profiles. If volume control damper is required. It can be easily attached on the top side of the grille by means of locking clips. The air volume can be controlled by adjusting the damper blades from the face of the grille by means of a screw driver.

Finish: The standard coating finish is polyester powder coating, white color RAL 9010 (Code: Z0). The coating finish of volume control damper is polyester powder coating, black color.

Optional Finish: 1. Natural anodized aluminium finish (Code: Z1). 2. The power coating can be of any color if requested as specified (Code: Z2).