PRA-SCL System controller, large

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PRA-SCL System controller, large

  • Full control of PRAESENSA devices and audio routing
  • Built‑in supervised storage for messages and tone files
  • Support for Dante audio input and output streams
  • Open interface to third party applications
  • IP‑networked on OMNEO for audio and control

The PRA-SCL is the most powerful version in a range of system controllers.

The system controller manages all system related functions in a PRAESENSA Public Address and Voice Alarm system. It routes all audio connections between network-connected PRAESENSA audio sources and destinations. It supervises and plays back messages and tones, stored on its flash memory, either scheduled or manually started from a call station or PC. It manages the routing of background music streams, along with business calls and emergency calls, all based on priority level and zone occupancy. It collects all status information of connected system devices, manages the event logs and reports faults.

The system controller is network‑connected via OMNEO and DC‑powered from a multifunction power supply with integrated battery backup, accommodating both centralized and decentralized system topologies. Connections to other devices in the system are made using the built‑in 5‑port switch, supporting RSTP. The built‑in web server allows for system configuration using a browser.