PRA-MPS3 Multifunction power supply, large

Independent mains power supplies • Three fully independent 48 VDC power supplies for up to three amplifiers. • One 24 VDC output for a system controller or auxiliary device. • All power supply outputs have double connectors for A/B dual redundant wiring to the connected loads.
الشركة: Bosch
البائع: Bosch Security
9,155.03 (AED)
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This compact device combines multiple support functions to power and serve other PRAESENSA system devices. It can be used in a centralized system, but it is an enabler for decentralized system topologies with several smaller racks or cabinets located across the premises, to reduce loudspeaker cabling costs significantly. It provides DC‑power supply to connected amplifiers and peripherals from the mains, with a standards compliant charger for a single 12 V backup battery, saving on installation and battery maintenance costs. The integrated 6‑port Ethernet switch, with glass fiber support, facilitates easy interconnection of decentralized clusters of devices. Configurable, supervised control inputs and voltage‑free control outputs are available as interface to external equipment. Its OMNEO interface for control and fault reporting also provides an analog audio backup lifeline for the connected amplifiers.

Data SheetPRA-MPS3