PRA-CSE Call station extension

Business operation • Connection of up to four PRA-CSE extensions, each with twelve buttons. The buttons can be configured for various functions, but they are especially useful for zone selection, giving a clear overview of accessible zones and the LED indicators for each button show the status of the respective zone (like being selected, occupied or at fault).
الشركة: Bosch
البائع: Bosch Security
920.00 (AED)
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This keypad extension is used in combination with PRAESENSA call stations to make selections for business and alarm calls. One device adds twelve configurable buttons with light ring. Each button has two additional indicators for user feedback, related to the configured functionality of that button. Up to four PRA-CSE can be connected to one call station. Using extension keypads for zone selection allows all zones to be accessible and visible at the same time. It shows a complete status overview of selected and occupied zones or zones with faults. The extension keypad is delivered with a metal coupling plate and patch cable to link it to a call station or other extension keypad. The front cover can be easily removed to insert labels with up to three lines of text per button and a header section on top.