Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers , Cap., Fire Rating: 4A:60-B:C- UL Listed Model: N 10LP - NAFFCO

ABC Dry Chemical is a multipurpose extinguishing agent that is suitable for use on Class A, Class B and Class C fires. TYPICAL USES: For public areas such as offices, classrooms, parking garages, and hotel/motel assembly halls and guest areas. For businesses such as retail stores, light manufacturing facilities, research facilities, auto dealerships, vehicle/aircraft/marine service centers, and manufacturing processes such as painting, dipping, and coating. Not suitable for use on fires involving cooking oil and grease. Not recommended for use on sensitive electronic equipment or aircraft structure. Dry Powder Extinguishers are USCG approved (Marine Application)
Manufacturer: NAFFCO
Vendor: NAFFCO
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Model NumberN 05LPN 10LPN 20LP
Agent Capacity5 lb. (2.27 Kg)10 lb. (4.54 Kg)20 lb. (9.07 Kg)
UL Rating2-A:20-B:C4-A:80-B:C10-A:120-B:C
Discharge Time14 Sec22 Sec27 Sec
Range (FT/M)12-18 / 3.7-5.515-21 / 4.6-6.415-21 / 4.6-6.4
Operating Pressure195 psi (1344 kPa)195 psi (1344 kPa)195 psi (1344 kPa)
Minimum Operating Temperature-65°F-65°F-65°F
USCG ApprovalType A size II,
Type B:C size I
Type A size II,
Type B:C size II
Type A size II,
Type B:C size III
Ship Weight10 lb. (4.5Kg)18.25 lb. (8.3 Kg)33.5 lb. (15.2 Kg)
Unit Height16.375 in (41.6 cm)21 in (53.3 cm)21.25 in (53.8 cm)
Unit Width7.25 in (18.4 cm)7.75 in (19.7 cm)8.75 in (22.2 cm)
Unit Diameter4.25 in (10.8 cm)5.125 in (13 cm)7.5 in (19.1 cm)
Cylinder MaterialSteel Sheet
ApprovalUL Approved