The iCLASS SE Encoder simplifies the complex task of encoding smart card credentials. Utilize pre-defined format templates, eliminating the need to understand access control formatting and card numbering schemes. The encoder also provides a powerful tool to manage keys on a HID Global reader whether the organization is using a standard, Elite, or custom key. By simply encoding a configuration card, keys can be transferred securely to a reader or group of readers. The iCLASS SE Encoder solution is available as a desktop device as the CP1000D-LENEL or as an in-line encoder within a FARGO card printer. The in-line encoder enables organizations to graphically and electronically personalize smart cards in one seamless process, saving time and energy
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Dynamic – Support for a wide range of credential
technologies, including iCLASS® Seos®, iCLASS SE®,
iCLASS® , MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire® EV1
from single encoder.
- iCLASS Access Control Application (ACA) only encoding
supported through OnGuard 7.4
- Flexible – Manage custom keys locally or leverage HID
standard and Elite keys.
- Convenient – On-site programming of card stock speeds up
the delivery time to obtain and issue cards.
- Seamless – Encode multi-tech credentials in a single pass,
saving time and resources.
- Program credentials with standard, Elite or custom keys
- Support for multiple access control formats
- Supports the programming of Genuine HID® or third party
- Flexibly manage data for uses other than access control on
contactless cards such as iCLASS® Seos® (i.e. time and
- EAL5+ certified hardware provides tamper-proof protection
of keys and cryptographic operations to guard against
cloning and other breaches.
- Multi-layered security model with secure key management
system, breach resistant technology and enhanced privacy
- Field programmable and upgradeable featuring open and
configurable SIOs® as well as a smart card technology
migration path.