GRP Panel Water Tank 126 m3

GRP Panel water tank without heat insulation 126 m3
115,000.00 (AED)
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1- The product according to KSF 4811 :2014
2- Production by National factory for fiberglass MNT - (KSA)
3- Panels to be rigidly supported by a 316 stainless steel
tie rods.
4- All internal accessories, bolts, nuts ,washers and tie rod
made of S.S grade 316 .
5- All external accessories ,bolts, nuts and washers made of HDG.
6-Water level indicator with aluminum frame .
7-The leak sealant Non-toxic.
8-UPVC screened air vent.
9-GRP manhole with cover lockable .
10- Internal ladder (GRP)without safety hoops.
11- External ladder (HDG)without cage.
12-Opens for(Inlet , Outlet, Overflow, Drain) .
13- Steel Base HDG.

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