Exhaust Air Ceiling Diffuser CD9-4S

234.00 (AED)
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The Square and Rectangular Ceiling Diffusers are available with multidirectional airflow pattern. The frame and cores are high quality extruded aluminum. The inner core of diffuser is fully removable for easy installation. The unit sizes for square ceiling diffuser increases in 3" increments beginning with 6" x 6" as the smallest available. The opposed blade damper (O.B.D.) fixed in the diffuser frame is lever operated from the face of the unit. Suitable in ceiling with multi directional throws as required. Equalizing grid provided as an option for proper air stream throw. Diffusers are also available with T-Bar Lay-In Panel in which diffusers are mounted in pre- fabricated panel of required sizes to meet with ceiling and installation. Standard finish for diffuser is white color. Damper in black color. Other colors available on request. Painted under electrostatic polyester powder coated system. The polyester powders of highest quality are used to enhance the appearance of units.