Cook Suite 9109123 MKN MasterLine completely made of s/s AISI 304 Dimensions: 3250 mm long, 2000 mm deep, 700 mm body height
444,790.00 (AED)
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MKN MasterLine designed to be placed on a 200 mm high concrete plinth on site, working height= 900 mm

‐ 50 mm top plate protrusion on the operation side A and B
‐ 50 mm top plate protrusion on the right narrow side D
‐ 200 mm beveled top plate protrusion on the left narrow sie C
‐ unless not otherwise specified: closed cabinets underneath
‐ incl. a support shelf for 1 x MKN salamander intelligence
‐ delivery in one piece
CNS Design knobs option for Masterline Suite
Following functional units are seamlessly integrated into the 3 mm thick, one piece top plate.