Coffee Machine M26 BE C/2 -794mm wide x 528mm deep x 548mm high. Automatic espresso coffee machine ‐ 2 Groups, programming of coffee and hot water dosage. 2 steam wands, 1 hot water wand. Boiler Cap: 10 litres. 380‐415V3N~ 50/60Hz.
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20,466.64 (AED)
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La Sympathe M26 BE C / 2 Semi-Automatic Espresso machine for coffee maker Elegant and durable. La Cimbali M26 BE C is a stylish, versatile, easy-to-use and maintainable espresso machine. Ergonomically and sturdy La Cimbali M26 BE C is made of durable and sturdy stainless steel, and the La Cimbali M26 BE espresso machine is available in both automatic and semi-automatic versions with two or three sets. In addition, the La Cimbali M26 TE models feature a long cup (high body) with a raised body.

La Cimbali M26 BE C, which has two monometric gauges for monitoring boiler pressure, water, steam and espresso pressure, allows you to easily control the operation of the machine and intervene in the event of a possible error.

This model is available in black and white. In addition, the La Cimbali M26 BEC espresso machine has a large rear space that you can customize according to your own atmosphere. Thanks to the La Cimbali M26 BE's LED lights, you can see the inside more easily while making espresso, and there are also lighted switches in the espresso machine to make espresso easier.