Carrier NC-MC-0-G Green Intelligent Conventional Recess Mount Manual Call Point

The NC-MC-0-G is a green manual call point for recess mount applications on most industry standard, high quality wall boxes. For surface mount applications an optional, colour matched back box is available.The call point offers one normally open contact in series with a 0 resistor, as well as a single pole, changeover contact with common, normally open and normally closed connections. It is supplied with a EN54 style resettable element, pluggable connectors for both contacts, a handy wire bridge to help with cable continuity testing, as well as a test key that doubles up as a service tool for disassembly of the device.
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• Specifically designed for door security and evacuation
• Alarm indication by alarm flag
• Enhanced aesthetics with screen printed, high resolution functional marking
• Resettable and also usable with an optional frangible element
• Easy to install (plug and play)
• Various surface and recess mounting options available for installation flexibility
• Protection hinged cover with anti-tamper facilities available for avoiding accidental activation
• Backward compatible adapter available for retrofit applications in existing systems
• Key test facility from the front of the unit for easy access, even when a protection cover is fitted
• Easy service and maintenance with test key disassembly and pluggable connectors
Installation time and installation flexibility are of paramount importance. The Carrier MCP range directly meets these needs by providing features designed specifically for this. Pluggable terminal blocks facilitate the pre-connection of all cables. This terminal block is then simply connected to the MCP. Should continuity testing be needed, the handy wire bridge fits neatly into the terminal block in place of the MCP without having to disconnect any cables. For service and maintenance no additional tools other than the test key is needed. With easy front access in all installations and even with the protection cover fitted, the test key is also used to remove the front cover of the unit should a frangible element need to be replaced.