AXIS Camera Heater Power Supply

Extra power to AXIS Q6010-E or AXIS Q6100-E Camera Complete power supply kit Extends operating temperature of camera Requirement for AXIS Q6100-E when used with AXIS Q63 Series Camera
300.00 (AED)
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AXIS Camera Heater Power Supply provides extra power to AXIS Q6010-E Network Camera or AXIS Q6100-E Network Camera. The extra power extends the operating temperature of the camera down to -50 °C (-58 °F). AXIS Camera Heater Power Supply is required for AXIS Q6100-E Network Camera when used together with AXIS Q6315-LE PTZ Network Camera (regardless of operating temperature).

The kit includes AXIS Power Cable 24V 7 m (23 ft), AXIS Connector-A 2-pin, a 75 W power supply and a power cord connector.